Thrift Shop

  • Hours of Operation: Monday-Saturday, 10:00am-4:00pm
  • Location: The thrift shop is located at St. Paul’s, Minden

All three churches are engaged in this outreach to the community. High quality goods are available to purchase and donations of gently used items are gladly accepted!

The Thrift Shop shares with other churches and organizations like the Bishop McAllister School in Kyogyera, Uganda. Last year the Thrift Shop assisting in making a new residence for girls secure. (A few days before, the school had been attacked by robbers and 3 staff murdered). This year the Thrift Shop contributed to the new library building.

interested in sponsoring a child at Bishop McAllister School?

Please contact Rosemarie Kingston at or Marjorie Robertson at

For more information and to follow events taking place at the school, see their website at or on Facebook at Bishop McAllister College and Bishop McAllister Anglican Seminary.

Recently the Principal Canon Caleb and Hope Twinamatsiko visited from the school. Hope enjoyed shopping in the Thrift Shop while Canon Caleb toured the building with Rev. Joan and Deacon Martha and met some of the volunteers.


Pictured are Canon Paul Jeffries (right), Marjorie Robertson and Canon Caleb Twinamatsiko (left) at the Bishop McAllister School in Kyogyera, Uganda.


Marjorie is the daughter of John and Eleanor Irwin of the St Peter’s Maple Lake Church. Marjorie and her family are members of St Paul’s Sackville NB. She has spent six weeks each summer for several years volunteering as a teacher at the Bishop McAllister School in Uganda.


Location: 19 Invergordon Avenue, Minden, Ontario, K0M 2K0